Sunday, July 22, 2007


Large Jar $20.00

**discount when you purchase 2 or more large jar candles **

Small Jar $13.00

Thursday, July 19, 2007

List of Fragrances

Please take a look at my complete list of my fragrances:

  1. Always N Forever (Strawberry) RED
  2. Aunt Polly’s Pecan Pie MED. BROWN
  3. Banana Nut Dream Cake CREAMY YELLOW
  4. Casanova for Him Only (Aramis) BLACK
  5. China Rain (Fresh Scent) SKY BLUE
  6. Cow Boy (Leather) TAN
  7. Cow Girl (Sweet Leather) TAN
  8. Cranny Cranberry HOT RED
  9. Dream Cake (Mexican Vanilla) YELLOW CAKE
  10. Exotic Island (Clean) BLUE
  11. Expectations (Mandarin & Mimosa) SOFT GREEN
  12. Farmers Market (Apple & Vanilla) DARK PINK
  13. Hawaiian paradise (Plumeria) BRIGHT PURPLE
  14. Honey on the Vine ROYAL BLUE
  15. Hush Little Baby (Baby Powder) PALE YELLOW
  16. In Tribute to Mama (Butter Vanilla) LIGHT TAN
  17. Kindred Spirits (Papaya Guava) FUSHIA
  18. Kiwi, Melon & Pink Grapefruit LIME
  19. Lemon Vanilla Breeze (Lemon Chiffon) YELLOW
  20. Magnolia Blossoms HUNTERS GREEN
  21. Mee Maw’s Cheescake CRÈME & RED
  22. Melon Pineapple & Jasmine ROSE
  23. Miss Pansy’s Pomegranite SOFT RED
  24. Misty Morning (Cucumber) SOFT GREEN
  25. Mother’s Apple Strudel RED
  26. Nilla Berry (Strawberry Vanilla) PINK
  27. Now, This is Mulberry BURGUNDY
  28. Old Fashion Vanilla LIGHT BEIGE
  29. Ooh La-La (Cherry Vanilla) PASSION PINK
  30. Old Plantation Recipe (Crème Brule) BEIGE
  31. Orange & Spicy TANGERINE
  32. Peachy Pucker Up ORANGE
  33. Pina Colada (Cherry & Pineapple) WHITE
  34. Ritzy Raspberry Ripple MAUVE
  35. Sadie’s Secret Recipe (Cinnamon Clove & Orange) GREEN
  36. Sensuous Jasmine NAVY BLUE
  37. Sinfully Cinnamon RED/ORANGE
  38. Southern Gardenia WHITE
  39. Strawberry Champagne PINKISH RED
  40. Sweet Home Alabama (Mixed Fruit) CREAM
  41. The Queen’s Linen (Country Lace) WHITE

Fall & Winter

  1. Apple Day Warm Up (Applesauce Coffee Cake) RED
  2. Christmas Village (Floral Pine) TEAL GREEN
  3. Cinnamon Buns SOFT BROWN
  4. Creamy Creamy Tangeriney RED
  5. Fairy Dust (Poppy and Redwood) DARK RED
  6. Holiday Spice (Apple & Spice) ROSEY CINNAMON
  7. Ice N Spice (Spice Cake) WHITE
  8. Merry, Merry, Merry (Orange Cin & Peach) RED
  9. Pipe Dreams (Odor Eliminator) LIGHT BLUE
  10. Razzy Jazzy (Raspberry N Jasmine) ROSE
  11. Spicy Punkin’ Pie DARK BEIGE
  12. Stocking Stuffer (Peppermint) RED
  13. Sugar Cookies TAN
  14. Welcome Home (Ginger Bread) BEIGE
  15. Whispering Angels (Rum & Vanilla) WHITE
  16. Berry Wreath (Cranberry Woods) BERRY BLUSH
  17. Candaian Winter (Winter Blizzard) MEDIUM GREEN
  18. Cherished Celebrations (Mint delight) PALE GREEN
  19. Coconut Cream Pie PALE YELLOW
  20. Cranberry Cake(Colonial New England Cake) RED
  21. Della – Let’s Robia (Italian Wild Flowers) PINKISH PURPLE
  22. Festival In The Forest (Wintergreen Spruce) FOREST TREE
  23. From My Houst To Yours (Orange Pomander) BRIGHT ORANGE
  24. General Perrywinkle (Blackberry Perriwinkle) PURPLE BLACK
  25. Grassy Herbs (Spring is Here!) DARK GREEN
  26. Hazlenut Coffee (Hot Hazlenut Coffee) TAN
  27. Holiday Blessings (Perppermint Pine &Fir) DARK BLUE
  28. I Do (Carnation) WHITE
  29. I Love Cinnamon RED
  30. Jolly St. Nick (Bayberry) CHRISTMAS GREEN
  31. Language Of Love (Wild Muscadine Wine) GRAPE
  32. Legendary Summers (Passion Fruit & Rhubarb Fizz) PALE ROSE
  33. Lemachio (Lemon & Pastachio Smoothie) PALE YELLOW
  34. Looking Out My Window (Hibiscus Jungle) PALE BLUE
  35. Love Was Born At Christmas (Mistletoe) CHRISTMAS GREEN
  36. Moon Over Miami (Key Lime Pie) GREEN
  37. My Daddy’s Garden (Pear & Chamomile Elixer) PALE YELLOW
  38. My Favorite Orange (Mandarin & Cloves) ORANGE/BROWN
  39. My Irish Vacation (O’Blarny Fruit) WHITE
  40. Nestled Treasures (Peppercorn) MAUVE
  41. Orange Raspberry Fizz (Raspberry & Orange Fusion) PALE ORANGE/RED
  42. Old Fashion Bon Bons (Buttercream Crunch) TAWNY BEIGE
  43. Old Fashion Yuletide (Christmas Home) HUNTER GREEN

Summer Scent List

  1. Available Until Inventory Runs Out!
  2. Citrus & Sage PASTEL ORANGE
  3. English Integrity (Grapefruit, Pineapple & Vanilla) PEACH
  4. English Lavender
  5. Peach Vanilla LIGHT ORANGE
  6. Raz-Va (Raspberry Guava) REDISH PURPLE
  7. Saturday Morning (Buttermilk Pancakes) BEIGE
  8. Watermelon SOFT GREEN
  9. Spring Equinox LIGHT BLUE
  10. Sweet Memories (Apple Cider) LIGHT TEAL
  11. Sweet Pea & Vanilla (PALE PALE GREEN)
  12. Watermelon (LIGHT GREEN)
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___(QTY) ________(Scent) Large jars $20.00 each
___(QTY) ________(Scent) Small jars $13.00 each
**discount when you purchase 2 or more large jar candles **
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Candle Fragrances

"Mother's Apple Strudel"
Large Jar

"Now This Is Mulberry"
Large jar

"Old Fashion Vanilla"
Large Jar or 24oz jar